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AZA manufacturing offers the comprehensive design and production of the Afrigaz LPG cylinders and accessories. With a team of locally and internationally trained engineers, Aza Manufacturing adapts and provides to the growing needs of the market.

It is undisputedly one of the few standardized Cameroonian manufacturing plants of LPG cylinders with a minimum production of 1500 LPG cylinders per day.

Aza manufacturing more than satisfies the cylinder needs of Afrigaz, providing the autonomy it needs to attain its objectives of leading the market.

The Aza group of companies work hand in gloves to ensure the continuous growth of supply and product availability, reassuring its clientele that its here to stay.

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AZA Group

GPL manufacture :  From AZA Manufacturing to Afrigaz

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AZA Group


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The most popular in the AZA group of companies is Afrigaz involved in the marketing and distribution of  LPG in all 10 regions of  cameroon.

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