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The New Leader in the Market

It is the much needed partner of Afrigaz and AZA energy which increase the Groups efficiency and eliminates the influence of factors encountered in outsourcing logistics.

AZA Logistics

The activities of AZA group rely a great deal on the organization of timely delivery and supply of products which has been mastered by AZA logistics.

AZA logistics identifies the needs of the group and continues to grow its assets to meet the demand. Their strength in this trade is ensuring unrivalled levels of supply security and cost effectiveness which adds value to the supply chain of the businesses.

AZA logistics boasts of an extensive vehicle fleet at the availability to its subsidiaries. It is made of a young, vibrant, and dynamic team who scrupulously handles, orders, and ensures quality control.

Driving school

In the realization of its dreams, AZA Logistics is also proud to present its training center located in the Dibamba with excellent equipment and infrastructures implemented with a mission designed to eradicate accidents and ensure safety at work and on Motorway.


A team of experts has been carefully selected to ensure the efficient transmission of knowledge to our partners.


AZA Group


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The most popular in the AZA group of companies is Afrigaz involved in the marketing and distribution of  LPG in all 10 regions of  cameroon.

Phone. (+237)243 117 343


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