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The most popular in the AZA group of companies is Afrigaz involved in the marketing and distribution of LPG in all 10 regions of Cameroon.


It is currently the second, with 18% market share based on LPG quantities removed at SCDP and SONARA.

Afrigaz continues to penetrate and grow its market by not limiting itself to urban markets but putting in efforts to reach the rural population.

Since initiation in the market, Afrigaz has never experienced shortage of LPG in the market, positioning its self as the distributor of choice and reassuring its clients that their fidelity is most valued.

2nd national distributor18% market share basedMFS stations in 5 regions

 MFS stations

Afrigaz has its own Micro filling stations (MFS) in 5 regions which increases the availability of LPG in the market. The MFS does not only serve for filling cylinders but also serve as a wholesale point making the buying of products very easy.


Afrigaz trades in a broad range of gas cylinders serving to the different economic needs of the population. The cylinders have a unique green color which cannot be missed and contain 6kg, 12.5kg and 50kg of LPG.


LPG distribution

Afrigaz also maintains its presence in the market through bulk distribution of LPG. This carried out as site delivery of LPG according to the clients’ needs. Our client base includes dehydration companies, restaurants, steel work companies and growth in this distribution method is inevitable as entities with huge consumption capacities will continue to benefit from this service.

The 6kg is best used with its accessories (burner and pot holder), removing the need for a cooker and making it an ideal product for camping, student – life and low income communities.











The12,5kg remains the most common in the market for households.












The 50kg provides better for high consumption households and businesses like restaurants.




Other accessories such as gas pipe, gas lamps, and gas regulators are available in all the agencies.

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The most popular in the AZA group of companies is Afrigaz involved in the marketing and distribution of  LPG in all 10 regions of  cameroon.

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